ARYVE Travel App Case Study

Your Perfect Itinerary Awaits.
A UX/UI Case Study.

Project Overview

Problem: Travelers have trouble figuring out what activities to do at their destination. As a result, travelers spend more than they anticipate by booking excursions when they arrive at their location.
Solution: Using our algorithm, the app will create an itinerary for the user - based on their preferences and interests.

My Role:  UI/UX designer (Individual Project)
Tools: Adobe XD, Invision, Miro, Photoshop, Rotato
Duration:  3 weeks

Using A.I. and the user's preferences, ARYVE intelligently builds and curates an itinerary just for you, so you can quickly add, edit, and share where you want to go with your friends.

User Research

Goal: To ask basic and specific travel questions regarding how one travels to identify their planning process.I conducted five 30-min user interviews, ages 20-35, to find out the process people take to plan for a trip. Most people stated that they wanted to book the most cost-effective flight/trip. I surveyed an additional 6 participants, and I found out that most participants struggled to determine what activities to plan for their trip.


Travelers often do not know what activities to do when they arrive at their destination. Rather than planning the activities ahead of time, travelers decide to book their excursions during their visit - causing them to spend more money. How might we help travelers plan and book their activities beforehand so that they spend less money? This question led to my initial ideas and prototypes.

Style Guide





Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi Prototypes

Onboarding Screens

Part of the onboarding process was to gather the user's travel interests and preferences. This would help the A.I. identify and plan their perfect vacation.

Easy Itinerary Planning,
just search the destination

I wanted to design the interace to keep the itinerary planning as simple as possible. The user enters their destination, confirms their dates, and then immediately arrange their vacation. The A.I. would help plan all their activities by analyzing the location's season, special events happening around that week, and special deals.

Key Learnings from User Tests:

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